Other Services

Lay representative & McKenzie Friend

Going to court as a victim or the accused can be one of the most daunting events someone can go through. The cost of solicitors today can be extremely expensive and for some more than they can afford altogether, coupled with the ever-decreasing legal aid available. At Cawley & Davis we can help by representing you in court as a lay representative. We can discuss the legal matters in hand and offer advice and guidance, we can be there throughout the whole process from start to finish to support you.

We can also offer the services of a McKenzie friend, we can provide moral support, take notes, assist with the case papers, give advice on points of law and procedure. We will advise you on issues you may want to raise in court and questions you may want to ask the witnesses. In some circumstances the judge may grant us what is termed “rights of audience” in a case. This would allow us to address the court and conduct your case for you.

Services for individuals

Alongside our Subscription service for small business we also offer legal advice on a range matters tailored for the individual.


Whatever your situation, our dispute resolution service can help. We take a proactive approach to resolving disputes with minimum cost. Our emphasis is on negotiation and mediation, avoiding stressful court appearances. Disputes ranging from neighbour, contract, financial, employment and childcare disputes, landlord and tenant problems, defamation, bankruptcy, debt collection and disputed wills cases.


We can offer advice on a  wide range of advice for both the employer and employee in relation to rights and entitlements in relation to their jobs. This covers everything from how redundancy, dismissal or disciplinaries should be handled, to wages, working hours, sickness, holidays and time off work.


When a relationship breaks down the fallout can be immense, impacting on children, wider families, finances, business interests and the couple themselves. At such an emotional time it is easy for situations to become extremely difficult for everyone involved. Cawley and Davis can assist with the divorce process including the application, drawing up separation agreements and mediation.


It’s normal to not want to think about what might happen after you die or you become unable to make decisions about your own finances. But planning for the future vitally important and can give you and your loved ones real peace of mind. Cawley and Davis offer a bespoke will writing service for £99 per person. We can come to your home and explain everything making the entire process as hassle free and as uncomplicated as possible.


If you need legal advice and it is not mentioned above that does not mean we cannot help. Simply fill out the contact us form and we will get back to you.

School presentation

Does your school have a specific problem? Is there a legal issue or subject that you think you pupils would benefit from learning more about? Such as Brexit, or Social Media and the Law? Both of which are very current and important subjects which will directly affect teenagers and young adults. Cawley & Davis have experience in delivering professional, interactive and legally accurate presentations to GCSE and A-level students on all aspects of law. We can cater our presentations to suit any particular issue your school may have, or any aspect of Law that you think your pupils would benefit learning more about.

We are flexible in both the length of the presentation and the audience we are delivering it to. We offer a variety of packages, if you are interested then please feel free to contact us on the form at the bottom of the page and we will contact you to discuss it further.