Small Business

How can Cawley and Davis help your Business?

Cawley and Davis have a team of legal advisors who have the expertise to support and advise small businesses with a large range of legal services.

Whether your business needs legal support in relation to employment law, reviewing and writing contracts, drawing up terms and conditions, advising on Health and Safety regulations or assisting with late payments, we can provide you with the most current legal advice to help ensure your business achieves it’s goals.

We find that the small businesses we work with benefit massively from taking legal advice at the outset to ensure their business practices are set up correctly and give them the foundations of success.


The legal advice we offer to small businesses also covers disputes – whether you are looking to recover outstanding debts or need advice in relation to a claim made against you, we can support you and your business.

Employment Law

We can provide legal support by drafting tailor made Terms & Conditions of Employment, Grievance Procedures, Disciplinary Policies, advising on changes to your staffing structure and a whole host of HR support. Our small business legal advice is designed to ensure you minimise the risks to your business and allow it to grow with stable foundations.

Health and Safety Advice

We can provide you with the latest information on health & safety in the workplace, regularly updated by industry experts, to ensure you remain compliant.

Intellectual Property Issues (Trademarks, Copyright, Patents)

Whether you have a web development company, manufacture goods, or a local flower shop, your business has a unique corporate identity. From its logo and slogan to the colours you use on your website and the names you have given your product’s; all of these can be intellectual property elements and they need to be protected. Otherwise, anyone who wishes to re-use them, distribute them or claim them as their own can do so without legal repercussions. Cawley and Davis can help you protect the assets you’ve worked so hard in developing.


The GDPR aims to protect the personal data of employees through a wide range of data privacy and security requirements. Meaning any employer that processes and holds personal data of employee, must adhere to GDPR requirements or face possible financial penalties. We can help you address your privacy policies, security, processes and employee file management to ensure you stay onside.

Quality enabled by technology

Our innovative use of cloud-based technology ensures remote working doesn’t affect service efficiency. It allows us to ensure our clients receive the highest quality legal support and advice available.

Cawley and Davis offer small businesses access to advice that provides a full range of legal services at a fraction of the cost of high street firms.

For further information or to enquire about a specific issue not detailed above then please contact us directly by calling 01782 899885, using our Online Chat Service or by emailing and we will get back to you.